Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Corporate ASSet Part 1

Like many men, I have always had a special desire to see my wife with another man. The fact that other men want and desire her makes me incredibly horny.  Because of that, we have often experimented with dressing her in outrageous clothing and allowing men in malls, parking lots, highways, bars,etc. to catch glimpses of her in very public situations. 

  We had discussed this fantasy at great length over a period of years without actually doing anything.  We had failed to attract the right man. Or perhaps we were too shy and unsure of how to connect with the right one.  

     Rebecca worked as the secretary to the Vice President of a small advertising corporation.  The office was completely populated with men except for her.  She took great effort after being hired to maintain a mixture of friendly banter and professional conduct.  

  As our active fantasy lives progressed, she began to wear more and more revealing outfits to the office each day, all the while trying to gauge the other men's reactions. Mark, the VP, seemed intrigued with watching her move around the office. He stared whenever she was working at the lower filing cabinet drawer while wearing a skirt.  Rebecca made sure she occasionally bent over his desk and revealed her lace bra or showed her panties to him when the situation allowed.

     Rebecca was amazed at how much attention she managed to get - not only did Mark watch constantly, but other account executives found reasons to hang around the VP's office throughout the day, trying to casually pass the time while they
tried to observe her.  

  Lunch meetings suddenly became popular and Rebecca was 'expected' to attend, supposedly to take notes but really so that the men could spend time looking - and fantasizing.  Yet none approached her, at least none she took seriously.  I encouraged her to look and even touch as much as she wanted.  Each night she related the days events to me with an incredible gleam in her eye.  

Then life took an interesting turn.

     After everyone left one day, Mark lingered and asked Rebecca to wait with him.  As soon as they were alone, he looked at her and said "I have really come to appreciate how truly lovely and sexy you are since you've changed your wardrobe. And the others agree with me wholeheartedly.  I would like to make you more of a corporate asset, if you are willing."  "Of course, Mark," she replied with a smile, "If there is anything I could do to be more of a team player or more help to the organization I would gladly do it!"

     Mark stared for a moment then rose as if making a decision. "I will meet you at Trefoils at 9 tonight.  We will be having a business dinner so I want you to dress properly.  I think the green dress you wore last week would be perfect.  And stockings, a garter belt, and some lacy lingerie are appropriate attire."  

  She sat a little stunned as he walked away. He had given her instructions exactly as if she were expected to obey him.  All afternoon her mind whirled at the possibilities.  The green dress he mentioned had buttons from top to bottom and was almost virtually transparent - she'd worn a full slip under it to the office but she knew she wouldn't tonight.  

     She arrived at the restaurant and was escorted to a secluded section of the dining room.  Mark rose upon her arrival and, as she began to slide into the booth seat, flipped her skirt up so that she sat with only her G string between her ass and the seat.  The waiter took drink orders and disappeared.  

  She was startled to feel Mark's hand resting on her knee yet gave no resistance when he began to caress her thighs beneath the table. As the waiter returned with the drinks, his fingers suddenly moved and stroked her covered clit.  She couldn't possibly react with the waiter standing there, so she allowed his hand to touch her – she even widened her legs to give him better access!  

     During the salad, he leaned towards her and said softly "Undo the top two buttons."  Nervously, she did as she was told even though she knew that with only five buttons holding her dress closed, the opening of two would expose her almost to her waist.  

  Mark carelessly brushed the soft cloth back, further exposing her lace covered breasts.  When the waiter came with the main course, his eyes almost fell out of his head.  He left, and again Mark continued to touch and stroke her wherever he felt like it. Breasts. Nipples.Thighs. Pussy.  

  She hardly knew what food was in front of her as she became hornier by the minute. He had her stand, removed her G string and placed it clearly on the top of the table.  He had her open the two lower buttons of her dress as well.  Only a single button at her waist held it closed.  

  Her legs were spread obscenely at allowing him to continue his efforts to make her have an orgasm right there in the restaurant.  The return of the waiter with the check was the final straw, though.  

     Mark calmly and slowly read through the bill, making sure that all was in order.  The entire time, he was stroking her clit with his fingers in plain view of the waiter.  He stopped for a moment to retrieve a credit card, reached and unbuttoned the final dress button, then spread the transparent cloth completely. 

  "Thank you," he told the shocked waiter who left with only a single backward glance. Then entire situation finally got to Rebecca and she shuddered through an intense orgasm. Mark guided her out the back entrance, her dress wide open.  

     They approached her car, he told her to remove her dress, and held out his hand. Nervously, she glanced around the darkened lot and, seeing no one in view, did as she was told.  

  He helped her into the driver seat and waited until the door closed. "You are going to be an excellent asset, Rebecca.  Go home and fuck your husband.  I will keep your dress and thong until tomorrow. You can explain your lack of clothing to him anyway you want, it doesn't matter to me.  I think we now have a perfect understanding of each other's roles, don't we?"

To be continued ...

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